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Tax Credit Status (26as)


Check Tax Credit Status – Re-Validate your Taxes

Form 26AS is also known as the Annual Tax Statement. Any PAN card holder can check their tax credit statement of the year over the Internet. You will find details about your TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), TCS (Tax Collected at Source) or any advance tax that is deposited by the PAN card holders. You can check up your tax credit statement on the official income tax website of the Government of India.

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FAQ On “Tax Credit Status (26as)

What are the benefits  of Tax credit Statement?

The credits available in the tax statement confirm that the tax deducted/collected has been deposited to the account of the government. Moreover the deductor/collector has accurately filed the TDS/TCS statement giving details of the tax deducted/collected on assessee’s behalf and the bank has properly furnished the details of the tax deposited by the assessee. Further it also helps to avoid demand notice from the Income Tax Department.

What does a Tax credit Statement comprises?

A tax credit statement consists of three parts, namely A, B and C. The first part, Part A, has information about TDS. The details of payment made to the assessee by different deductors are listed with name and TAN number, date of payment and the amount deducted because of the payment. Part B is about TCS. The details of tax collected because of goods sold to the assessee are listed here. Part C contains information about tax paid by the assessee. You will find details like the Challan serial number, the BSR code and the date of payment.

What are the details given in Form 26AS with regard to Tax refund?

Form 26AS displays details of refund paid by Income Tax Department (ITD) namely the assessment year for which refund is paid, mode of payment, amount of refund and date of payment. There is no provision in Form 26AS to view “in-process” or pending refunds.

Whether details of higher value transactions are displayed in Form 26AS?

Yes, Form 26AS displays details of ‘high value financial transactions’ done by the assessee as reported in AIR filer under section 285BA. Details like the nature of transaction, name of AIR filer, date of transaction, whether single or joint party transaction, no. of joint transacting parties, amount and mode of transaction are included in it.

How to view Form 26AS?

Register on the website to view Form 26AS.After logging in, click on My Account tab. There will be an option View Your Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) followed by Date of Birth verification page. In the next step it will ask your permission to be redirected to the NSDL site where you have to press the confirm button. You will be re-directed to your Form 26AS and you can select the assessment year  for which you want to see the details.

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