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Latest News/Updates

13th August, 2019

Posted by CS Niladree Chakraborty

Strict Penalties under Companies (Amendment) Act 2019

The Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 which recently received the assent of the President of India on 31st July 2019 has brought in some major changes in the Companies Act...

9th August, 2019

Posted by Soumik Kumar Sen

Checklist of documents required in Singapore

There seems to be lot of ambiguity in regards to the different types of documents required to open a Singapore Company, become a director of any such company or...

8th August, 2019

Posted by Soumik Kumar Sen

Spend in CSR or attract penalty

The parliament has, in this ongoing session, passed Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019 (“Amendment Bill”). A major focus on the bill was on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) resulting in amended...

7th August, 2019

Posted by Soumik Kumar Sen

How founders can retain controlling stake in Singapore Startup

Case Study 1- Mr. Chun Yee is a director of the company CDF Pte Ltd. The company has raised investments from Angel Investor. Upon issuance of shares to the...

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