What's Included?

  • Get Help – TDS Returns
  • Get Tax Credit(26as)Status
  • Get New Tan or Correct It
  • Get Tax Return Rectification
  • Bulk Tax Return Filling
  • Get Digital Signature
  • Get Accounting Help
  • Get Your – Balance Sheet
  • Get Help – 143(1)Intimation
  • Life Changes Support
  • Tax Appeals / Assessments
  • Get Help on Service Tax
  • Get Help on NRI Taxation
  • Get New Pan or Correct It
  • Get Reply To Tax Queries
  • Get Tax Refund
  • Tax Planning / Save Tax
  • File Tax Returns

How it Works?

  • We analyze your requirement
  • We design a customized package which suits your needs
  • Upon payment confirmation, we initiate the process under a dedicated SPOC
  • We then collate all information in co-ordination with you
  • We file your tax returns and send you acknowledgements, if applicable
  • We send you Reports and opinions, if applicable
  • We file all the records with the department, of applicable

Why Choose Us

  • Offering support at every stage
  • Safe, Online, Hassle-Free Procedure
  • 24/7 E-mail Support
  • Time Bound Delivery
  • Presence in 100+ cities of India, US, Singapore
  • Quickest turnaround time
  • 100% client centric


Taxmantra provides easiest and most hassle free return filing / online return filing experience. We provide Tax Return / Online return filing services under broad three category- (1) Salaried Individuals, (2) Non- Salaried Indviduals, engaged in self-employment such as free-lancers, consultants, sole propreitorship businesses.


Enhance your income, save tax and secure your future by taking our “Due Diligence / Save Taxes Service. Savings becomes a priority in life when you attain responsibilities. Taxmantra will analyse your taxes based on your current income, and would suggest ways to save more taxes. This would assist you in formulating the investment plan which will not only lower your tax liability but will also cater your long term investment security plan. Know More


The most frustrating bottleneck for income tax payers seems to be the delay in getting the refund money back. After you have filed your Income Tax, you may have to wait for months, and sometimes years, to get back the refund amount. What’s more, you do not get to know why this delay is taking place

Your Wait for Tax Refunds ends here, under this service, our tax experts having domain expertise, find out the reason for non-receipt of your legitimate refunds and would take up the case with the Income Tax Department for processing of refunds at the earliest. Know More


If You are not sure of deductions to claim resulting into payment of unnecessary Taxes or not sure of claiming HRA or Housing loan, Tax on Rent Free Accommodation, Fuel Reimbursement, Invest In Fixed Deposits or PPF, Pension Scheme or LIC , Gift in kind or in cash, Taxability of foreign income, paying double taxation in two countries.

If you have any of above queries or any other questions, then you are at the right place. Ask us, will help you in planning your taxes, which would save taxes and also secure future.

Taxmantra has the core expertise in handling individual taxation helping more than thousands of Individual in India and abroad. The services offered by us are carefully tailored – blending hard-core professionalism with a dedicated client orientation. Our objective is to lower your taxes and enhance your inhand income. Know More


It is a known fact that PAN is mandatory to be quoted while filing returns so the importance of having a PAN is understandable. Moreover if any error was committed while applying for PAN then the same should be rectified with the department at the earliest, else it will cause problems while filing tax returns. Get a new PAN or errors rectified in your pan in the most hassle free manner by availing our services at Taxmantra. Know More


Taxmantra.com offers complete guidance to an NRI & a PIO in relation to efficient tax planning and enjoyment of maximum exemptions, deductions and other tax concessions available under different Direct Tax Laws to which they are ignorant. We understand the trauma that few NRIs faces if they are not well conversed with Indian tax laws and thus confront with difficulties in planning their investments, gifts and income for their family. Know More


As there are more than 100 services taxable in India and the list of these services is ever increasing, it sometimes aggravate confusion among the service providers whether their services are chargeable to tax or not? We at Taxmantra.com strives to relieve you from the compliances part by providing registration, return filling as well as consultancy services at your end in the most stress – free manner through qualified professionals and experts in this field. Know More


Sometimes due to unintentional errors committed at our end lead us to payment of fine or penalty leviable by the department and at times, the mistake becomes so acute that the matter gets out of control and irreversible. The mistake can be also be from Income tax Department. Taxmantra has expertise in handling matters of individual taxation and we strives to chuck you out from the various litigations/ assessment with IT Department in the best possible manner. Know More


Any major occurrence can lead to a drastic change in your life. It can have a big impact on your taxation issues as well. A change is just an adjustment you need to make in your normal routine. Taxmantra aims at resolving your undefined problem with infinite number of solutions at your end so that any modification in your life does not disrupts your financial status. We strives to help you with our expert’s advise in the most feasible manner. Know More


It is just an intimation sent by the IT Department in response to tax return filed by the tax payers. We aim at comprehensive understanding of any such intimations, if received by you along with suitable follow up action to be taken. Know More

Accounting Services

Every Businesses / Partnerships/ Entrepreneurs irrespective of quantum of its transaction and revenue is required to maintain proper books of accounts on regular basis and also comply with the requirement of Indian Income Tax Laws, by computing correct taxes, deposting taxes on time and filing of tax returns. Know More


A presentable Balance Sheet drawn as per the relevant schedule is the requirement of I.T Department. We aim at drafting a comprehensive balance sheet which can provide all the relevant information to the stake holders. Know More


The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the signer as well as of documents submitted with the department. It has been made mandatory in some cases as well. Get your digital signature prepared in the easiest manner by taking our assistance. Know More


ITR Bulk Filling facility is introduced to make filling of returns more convenient and time saving. It is very beneficial from the user’s point of view. Taxmantra have been authorized to file returns in bulk. So avail our service and make your operations less cumbersome. Know More Contact Us


Individuals generally commit errors while filling returns in hurry as they do it at month end. This may lead to issue of notice of demand from the department and a never ending process starts. Tax Experts at Taxmantra helps you to get your returns rectified at the earliest. Know More

TAN NEW / TAN Correction

TAN is mandatory to be quoted in your TDS / TCS Return so the importance of having a TAN is understandable. Getting your TAN is no more a tedious job and we assist you in not only getting a new TAN but also rectify the same if any mistake was committed while applying for it. Know More

26AS ( Tax Credit Status)

It is the Annual Tax Statement which shows details about your TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), TCS (Tax Collected at Source) or any advance tax that is deposited by the PAN card holders. To be on the safer side Form 26AS should be checked before filing your return. Get your tax credit status checked by availing our “Tax Credit Status (26as)” service. Know More

TDS Return

TDS returns can be filled both manually and electronically but E – TDS is given more priority by the department. We aim at getting your TDS Return filed in the most convenient manner and relieve you from the entire process of its compliances. Know more

Tax Audit

Tax Audit is not verification of accounts. It is done to minimise the burden of Assessing Officer (A.O.) because the auditors point out the violations made by the assessee in respect of any transaction which is not permissible as per the Income Tax Act. Our experience says that the common taxpayers are very confused about the taxability of income from futures & options or treatment of losses on same. The professionals belonging to our team provides very comprehensive steps to erase all your doubts regarding the provisions relating to Sec 44AB and compliance of the same. Know More Contact Us

Taxmantra has the expertise in the domain of individual taxation and have been assisting thousands of individuals in India and abroad. We are here to make your life easy !