Decoding Startup Investment

Is startup investment really complex? Why are most start-ups turned down? What do the Investors look for when they consider your proposition? What is Due Diligence? What is the difference between a term sheet and a shareholding agreement? This Ebook is an earnest initiative to guide through all these questions. This would not only help … Continue reading Decoding Startup Investment


10 ways to save taxes

Taxes on salary are inevitable for a certain limit but you can definitely take measures to reduce the amount of taxes paid. It may come as a surprise to you when you find larger part of your salary being deducted as taxes before you could even do anything.


6 mandatory tax & regulatory compliances for businesses

In the fervor of starting a new business, it’s easy to overlook the long-term impact of a sustainable regulatory decision, as extends to recording the initial transactions, filing your tax return and other mandates. In the rush to get to market, it’s easy to think the business model itself will carry the day,


Implementation Of ESOPs For Business

What is the biggest challenge for start-ups and small businesses? Without a second thought-Hiring the right team! Sadly, it is very difficult to find integrity in today’s market. A startup is often not in a position to offer oodles of benefits or perqs to a candidate. Hiring is always extraordinarily challenging, time consuming, and mentally … Continue reading Implementation Of ESOPs For Business

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