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11th June, 2019

Posted by Dipanjali Chakraborty

Startup Annual Compliances in India and the cost of non-compliance

  Query 1  – “Mine is a startup company. There has been no business during the year. I just need to file NIL returns. There is no need of...

31st May, 2019

Posted by Dipanjali Chakraborty

Last Date for filing SFT for FY 2018-19 – When to file?

Like every year, today (31st May 2019) is the last date for filing the “Statement of Financial Transactions (SFT)” for FY 2018-19.    The Income tax Department had brought...

29th April, 2019

Posted by Soumik Kumar Sen

DPT-3 and MSME-1 to be notified by MCA

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has announced that it will notify the Forms of DPT-3 and MSME-1 shortly. The Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules 2014 APPLICABILITY According to the...

29th April, 2019


As Uber plans $100bn public offer, San Francisco may introduce ‘IPO tax’

San Francisco is reportedly planning to charge a corporate tax that will capture the surge in the valuations of employee stock options, especially when cashed after an IPO. According to...

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