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  • Complete remote support from experienced professionals
  • Assured 60-70% savings compared to in-house solutions
  • All compliance under one roof-book-keeping to tax and ROC filings
  • Saves your time with growth based reporting
  • Trusted by 40K+ businesses globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about this compliance retainership?

We offer our compliance retainership services in the form of tax and legal retainership.

Tax and Legal retainership is the range of tax,legal and secretarial services that include Book-keeping, Income Tax, GST, PT/PF/ESI filings, ROC Annual filings (AOC 4, MGT 7, ADT 1,etc. This can be monthly or quarterly, as per the required needs of your business. We also provide audit and assurance services a s a part of this.

This is your way to avail all tax and regulatory services under one roof.

We are completely online with 100% delivery capability intact – Read more here

Why should I avail Taxmantra’s Retainer Services?

  1. Freedom from monitoring day-to-day compliance as we take care of the same
  2. Get rid of penalties due to non-compliance
  3. No need to worry about new notifications and amendments as we keep you updated
  4. Assurance of being compliant all the time with all the applicable laws
  5. All compliances under one roof
  6. Hassle-free single point of contact to solve your queries

Read about the advantages of availing our services here – Why should you outsource the tax and legal compliance of your business to Taxmantra?

How does availing these services save my cost?

Availing our services results in guaranteed 60-70% savings in the cost as compared to traditional/in-house modes of compliance.

Further, since our packages cover all the tax and legal compliances, hence, engaging any other tax and legal professional is not required.

Do you provide these services across India? I am based out of Tamil Nadu. Can I avail your services?

Yes, we provide these services all over India and we are conveniently accessible through email and calls. Our data sharing process is also majorly online.

How does it work?

  1. Our packages are customized based on your requirements. For customizing your own package, you need to contact us. You can easily get in touch with us using the above form.  
  2. Once you contact us, one of our experts shall get in touch with you and get some basic information. This to understand your requirements.
  3. Once we have got the information, we shall analyze your requirement and construct the package along with delivery timelines and expectations.
  4. Once you agree/ modify/confirm the same, we shall connect you to your Relationship Manager.

What is the reporting workflow for my assignment? Who shall be my point of contact (POC)?

You will have one dedicated qualified professional who will act as the Relationship Manager (RM) for your project. He/she has a team of professionals working under them who shall take care of your day to day requirements. Your point of contact shall be the Relationship Manager and his executive.  

Apart from them, there will also be an Escalation Official (EO). In case you face any difficulty in co-ordinating with your RM or your POC, you can directly escalate the same to the EO. You can also get in touch with the EO for any other requirement apart from the day to day compliance.

You will be connected with the RM, POC and EO right at the beginning of the assignment, while on-boarding.

How do we communicate with you?

You can reach us via email, whatsapp, mobile phones. You will always have the contact details of your RM with you. Apart from that, our general contact details can be accessed HERE.

How will you ensure the security and privacy of our data?

Taxmantra is a SSL secured system with restrictive access to your date for all users. All the data that you share are stored in secured servers.