Cloud CFO – Expertise Beyond the Numbers

Virtual CFO Services seeks to provide strategic financial skills to take your company to the next level without hiring a full-time person.

Depending upon your requirement and scale of your business, our services can be availed on an hourly basis –ranging from 2 hours to 40 hours a week

This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low without compromising the service quality.

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    • Develop, maintain and improve Governance Standards
    • Establishing Advisory Boards
    • Global Expansion Advisory
    • Advisory to CEOs/CFOs/Founders

    • Budgeting and Reporting
    • Business Plans/Vision/Mission Statement Development
    • Review Meetings
    • SWOT Analysis

    • Structuring/Restructuring of Loans and Funds
    • Advisory in Fund raising – Series A, B, C, Private Equity
    • Advisory – Listing & IPO
    • Assistance with pre-IPO preparation

    • Reporting and Review
    • Internal Audit & Due Diligence
    • MIS Dashboard development
    • Profitability Analysis and Advisory

    • Deal Making Advisory
    • Liaison with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators
    • Portfolio Compliance Management
    • Legal and Secretarial Assistance

    • Audit of existing Business Processes & Advisory
    • Risk Management Advisory
    • ERP/GRC tools implementations
    • Profit Maximization/Efficiency Improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are CFO Advisory Services?

In our 30+ years of service, we have seen businesses struggling with managing its finance, marketing, operations functions so badly that the growth takes the blow. More often than not, companies feel the need for an external validation that they are indeed moving in the right direction. An audit of its existing vision in tandem with its financial direction is what is needed.

They also have to constantly monitor and upgrade themselves, re-invent businesses, improve customer relations, while, all the time, keep an eye on costs & finance. Putting processes and discipline in place right from the beginning is seen as waste of time and money and they realize this only when the scaling up happens and they struggle.

Understanding the right kind of systems is important for guided controls and growth. There are organizations that overinvest in certain areas like technology and they end up paying huge amount for installations and they do not use it after that. So here comes the role of reporting these dynamics based on independent outlook from CFO.

If you find yourself stuck in these, our CFO practice is the solution for you.
This is where we can help you. Our CFO solutions are carefully developed to help businesses save their time, efforts, provide them with the necessary insights to facilitates their growth.

2. Why should I avail Taxmantra’s CFO Advisory Services?

  • Expert Advice at flexible billing – For a growing business, you need more support than what your traditional compliance officer/accountant can offer. Depending upon your requirement and scale of your business, our services can be availed on an hourly basis –ranging from 2 hours to 40 hours a week. This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low without compromising the service quality.
  • Availability of Contingency Billing – Not sure about fixed fees? We also have an option for contingency outcome-based billing for select cases. Write to us to know more.
  • Strategic Guidance – We help with your strategy & business plan formulation and forecast. We evaluate your current performance goals, long-term strategic planning and guidance with tailored solutions specifically designed to take your business to the next level.
  • Accurate & Timely Financial Information: They will ensure that you are receiving accurate and timely reporting/financial information. Your financial statements and other critical financial documents are reviewed by an expert, so you can be sure that information is correct.

3. How do I know if my business needs CFO Service?

You may need CFO services as a long-term and ongoing arrangement. You can also avail the same on project basis. When you:

  • Realize that not having access to a Financial Controller/CFO’s level of financial expertise is holding your business back.
  • Have a financial staff that is operational, but not strategic, and need some high-level strategic planning insight and direction
  • Are concerned that their financial staff and key managers suffer from “tunnel vision” and want to bring in an objective outsider who can offer a fresh perspective on business and financial challenges and opportunities.

4. What are the different packages available for a business?

Depending upon your requirement and scale of your business, our services can be availed on an hourly basis –ranging from 2 hours to 40 hours a week

This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low without compromising the service quality.

5. My business does not need a full time CFO. But it needs help with business process restructuring and fund-raising. Can I avail your services for this purpose?

Yes. You can always avail our Project based services for this purpose.

Project based services may be availed when you need help with:

  • A specific financial transaction or a project – like a due diligence – legal/tax/operational
  • Planning/executing a Merger/Amalagamation.
  • A specific financial project that requires focused, project-based engagement, but for which the team doesn't have the resources or necessary expertise.
  • Upgrading or improvement of existing procedures and/or systems that the company has outgrown.
  • The capture of key business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from systems and software in order to better manage a growing enterprise.
  • Assistance in creating proper internal controls to deter internal fraud and embezzlement.
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Entity Restructuring for a more tax optimized file

This is an inclusive list only.

6. How does it work?

  1. For choosing any of the packages, you need to contact us. You can easily get in touch with us using the above form.  
  2. Once you contact us, one of our experts shall get in touch with you get some basic information. This to understand your requirements.
  3. Once we have got the information, we shall analyze your requirement and construct the package with you with delivery timelines and expectations.
  4. Once you agree/ modify/confirm the same, we shall connect you to your CFO.

7. What is the reporting workflow for my assignment? Who shall be my point of contact (POC)?

You will have one dedicated qualified professional who will act as the Relationship Manager (RM) for your project. He/she has a team of professionals working under them who shall take care of your day to day requirements. Your point of contact shall be the Relationship Manager and his executive.

Apart from them, there will also be an Escalation Official (EO). In case you face any difficulty in co-ordinating with your RM or your POC, you can directly escalate the same to the EO. You can also get in touch with the EO for any other requirement apart from the day to day compliance.

You will be connected with the RM, POC and EO right at the beginning of the assignment, while on-boarding.

8. What is your standard Turn-Around-Time (TAT)?

Our standard turnaround time is 12-15 working hours. However, our professionals are working constantly towards enhancing your experience with us. So, in case of any urgency, you can definitely ask your POC to expedite the same.

9. How do we communicate with you?

You can reach us via email, whatsapp, mobile phones. You will always have the contact details of your RM with you. Apart from that, our general contact details can be accessed HERE.

10. How will you ensure the security and privacy of our data?

Taxmantra is a SSL secured system with restrictive access to your date for all users. All the data that you share are stored in secured servers.

11. I have more questions. How do I reach you?

If you have any further query, please feel free to reach us using the above form. Use the Message section to brief your query and we will get in touch with you.