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  • PRACTICAL Hands on Approach
  • MORE Experienced Resources
  • GREATER Continuity in Relationship
  • SUPERIOR Flexibility in Engagement
  • HIGHER Quality Skill Sets
  • BETTER Guarantee of Results
  • DIGITAL Automation
  • WIDER Spread of Services
  • EXCELLENT Return on Investment
  • STRATEGIC Presence in 20+ countries

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CFO Advisory Services?

A CFO (or a “Chief Financial Officer”) is an important resource when is comes to establishing and maintaining strong financial performance in your business. CFOs are responsible for monitoring the financial behaviors of the business to understand when changes need to be made, or opportunities are ripe for execution. They are often the first line of defense to identify and prepare for financial challenges, like a cashflow crunch or rising cost of goods.

With the right business, and the right financial manager, engaging a CFO is continuous ROI for the business, which is why most of our client who start with modest CFO advisor packages, quickly scale those engagements up.

How do I know if my business needs CFO Service?

You may need CFO services as a long-term and ongoing arrangement. You can also avail the same on project basis. When you:

  • Realize that not having access to a Financial Controller/CFO’s level of financial expertise is holding your business back.
  • Have a financial staff that is operational, but not strategic, and need some high-level strategic planning insight and direction
  • Are concerned that their financial staff and key managers suffer from “tunnel vision” and want to bring in an objective outsider who can offer a fresh perspective on business and financial challenges and opportunities.

My business does not need a full time CFO. But it needs help with business process restructuring and fund-raising. Can I avail your services for this purpose?

Yes. You can always avail our Project based services for this purpose.

Project based services may be availed when you need help with:

A specific financial transaction or a project – like a due diligence – legal/tax/operational

Planning/executing a Merger/Amalgamation.

A specific financial project that requires focused, project-based engagement, but for which the team doesn’t have the resources or necessary expertise.

Upgrading or improvement of existing procedures and/or systems that the company has outgrown.

The capture of key business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from systems and software in order to better manage a growing enterprise.

Assistance in creating proper internal controls to deter internal fraud and embezzlement.

Fraud Investigation

Loan Restructuring

Entity Restructuring for a more tax optimized file

This is an inclusive list only.

How do I communicate with a Cloud/Virtual CFO?

TMG uses cloud accounting technology and tools within the cloud accounting ecosystem, and can digitize almost any paper process. In our CFO relationships, we believe face time and familiarity go a long way. Our CFO advisors regularly meet with their clients via phone, and video conference, and share information back and forth using best in class technology, like QBO, Google Drive, Office 365.

What are the different packages available for a business?

  • For choosing any of the packages, you need to contact us. You can easily get in touch with us using the above form.
  • Once you contact us, one of our experts shall get in touch with you to get some basic information to better understand your requirements.
  • Once we have the brief, we shall analyse your requirement and construct the package for you with delivery timelines and expectations.
  • Pursuant you agree/ modify/confirm the same, we shall assign you, your CFO.

How will you ensure the security and privacy of our data?

Cloud accounting has become a cornerstone in the accounting and finance world. While cloud services may have been vulnerable years ago, technology has made leaps in the security available to cloud-based products. At this point in time, if someone holds a bank account, or uses credit cards from any large or small institution, their financial information is likely already in the cloud – even if you don’t access it personally in the cloud.

TMG, an SSL secured system, only engages with accounting technology that provides the security necessary to protect all of our clients. The tech we leverage is of the highest quality and is provided by firms renowned for their cloud development teams, and the security in their platforms.


A technology-first approach to compliance & advisory

  • One Stop Global Compliance Expertise – access to the right skills wherever and whenever needed
  • 35+ years of core area specialization in Cross-over expertise- global tax and regulatory assistance
  • Technology Enabled – Well-established and adaptable information technology
  • Flexibility – Ability to upscale, downsize or curate as per the client’s requirement
  • Business focused solutions to drive growth

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