FAQ on “Start- Up Counseling” Service

  • What is ” Start-Up Counseling” Service ?

    The Business Start-Up Experts ( CAs, Tax Experts, CSs) have the cutting edge expertise in handling issues related to Start-Up Businesses. Under this service, the experts at taxmantra.com would discuss with you on various issues in relation to your business start-up, ranging from deciding the business entity, financial projections to local and other registrations. In addition to this, we would provide you a writtten note on any one topic of your choice, such as selection of business entity, local and central registration requirements. They would guide you, so that your path becomes less painful enabling you to concentrate fully on growth of your business.

  • How do I pay for your service?

    We have the most secured and world renowned payment gateway of CC Avenue which accepts all credit cards, debit cards and Net-banking from all banks.

  • I have paid online, what next?

    If you have ordered a service from our site by paying via CC Avenure payment gateway, we would send you a confirmation mail having “check list for details required for the assignment” within 6 working hours after receiving the payment confirmation.

    Alternatively after you make the payment, you can send us an email with your details / Query. We will revert back to you ASAP.

  • Is the fees quoted above is final or do I have to pay more?

    The fees chart has been formulated based on frequent queries / responses received by us from our users and also based on the efforts required from our end to successfully answer these queries. Further, the fees quoted above are final in most of the cases. Wherein, we are of the view that the query/ case would require additional in-depth study and efforts, in that scenario we would intimate you via mail in advance.

  • I am Happy With Start-Up counselling, What More Services can I get for incorporation?

    Taxmantra provides full fledged start to end services to entrepreneurs intending to start-up business. These includes assistance in incorporation of company, incorporation of LLP, Other Registrations, Income Tax Services and ROC Services and other related services.

  • Can We/ I get consolidated service package, having more such services ?

    Taxmantra has the expertise in the field of ‘Business incorporation’ and ‘Business Maintenance’ services assisting many businesses / Corporates. We render full-fledged ‘Business Incorporation’ services such as: Creation of Companies; Creation of LLPs; Start-Up Counselling; and Other Registration services

    AND services under ‘Business Maintenance’ for ‘Corporate’ Assessees’ and ‘Non- Corporate Assessees’ includes:  Accounting; Statutory and Tax Audits; Income Tax Services; Company Law Compliances; and Other Related Services.

    You can select the services you require and we can customise a service package suited best to your needs. Please feel free to “Contact Us” for this or for any other issue.

    Do You Have Any Issues? Write to our CEO at ‘alokpatnia@taxmantra.com’

  • Salient features of Start-Up Counseling ?

    A Start-up Counseling service would involve active discussion with the Entrepreneur on following topics:

    • Business description ( objectives of entrepreneurs)
    • Nature of business (manufacturing, retailing and service)
    • Nature of business entity ( private or public company, LLP, General Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships)
    • Financial projections (capital needs, sources and cost of funding)
  • What are the general questions that arises before starting a business?

    • Do I have the potential to handle the problems and risk involved in starting a new business?
    • What are the various government compliances that I will face?
    • How can I develop my product or service which can establish in the market successfully?
    • How much money will it take to start the business?
    • How will I raise the required fund?
    • Will future profitability justify the investment and risk?
  • Which form of organization will be suitable for me if I am startup?

    Since your business is at its initial stage, the form of business should be easy to manage and at the same time is attractive from the investors point of view for providing necessary funds. Keeping in view the same, private limited company will be advisable.

  • What are the steps to be taken before starting a business?

    • Develop an idea and a business plan – There should be a written plan to develop business strategies and financial projections. Set your business plan in such a manner that investors consider your new business worth for investment.
    • Do your market research – The first essential step is to research your potential market. Verify the value of your product or service in the market. Who needs your product? Is there space for your product or service in the market? Your idea should be something which can be easily accepted in the market.
    • Financial Projections – Research the costs associated with your business. Ascertain the funds required and the source of funding. Financial projections helps to determine whether the proposed venture will be financially feasible or not.
    • Get business assistance – Counseling services play a very important role here. From preparing a business plan to expanding or relocating a business, experts also help in drafting contracts and determining the right business structure and most importantly they help with tax planning.
    • Choose a business location – The ideal location for your business depends on a number of factors like nature of business, types of customers targeted, competitors strength, rules and regulations to be complied with in that location etc.
    • Decide on a business name and get all the necessary licences and permits – Business name should be such that it is not misinterpreted by the readers.Along with a business license, you may need to get additional licenses depending on the type of business and local laws. Research all licenses applicable in your country and your state along with the zoning laws before you open a business.
    • Develop Your Systems – After your idea to float a business have been organized and presented properly, you must develop effective and efficient systems to facilitate future growth and development.
  • What does our “Startup Counseling Service” includes/ Why to avail our “Startup Counseling Service”?

    We provide confidential business advises and real cost effective solutions. The specialists in our team are tempted to pass their knowledge and experience to those looking to start or improve their business. Our services includes:

    • Assistance in preparation of business and strategic plans,
    • Advice on financial structuring of businesses and capital requirements,
    • Business planning and financial projections,
    • Advice in financing,
    • Preparation of financial statements as well.