Taxmantra Mentoring Session

Taxes Less Taxing

Thursday, 3rd Sep 2015 | 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM IST

About The Event launches Taxes Less Taxing (TLT) for businesses, a pioneer in the online tax and accountancy services launches the “Taxes Less Taxing”Initiative for businesses. In the spirit of supporting businesses, this initiative would give one-to-one  mentoring sessions on tax and regulatory issues that businesses face on a daily basis. These sessions would be organised across India.

One of our recent surveys indicate that every second Start-up gets income tax notice for tax demands or for non-compliance.  Around three out of seven start-ups find place on the default list of Registrar of Companies due to non-compliance.  Also two out of four start-ups incur unnecessary pay-out by way of interests and penalties.

Alok Patnia, Founder of says, “This initiative is unique in the sense that there are regular workshops being organised for Start-ups and SMEs, but what is lacking is one to one attention. Every business has issues, day to day or circumstantial, which are unique to its own. These cannot be discussed on public forums. Indian start-up eco-system is still at a very nascent stage.  With this initiative, we wish to fill that vacuum in the eco-system and assist businesses protect themselves from unnecessary taxes, penalties by keeping their business in perfect compliance as they grow.

Why Should You attend Taxes Less Taxing (TLT) Initiative?
  1. Specialized One to One mentoring This is the basis on which this initiative is based. Herein business owners would be assisted with  specialized one to one consultancy regarding their business issues.

  2. Basic awareness about legal health of organization- In this reign of tech start-ups, most is founded by guys from non-finance background. In this situation, it becomes even more important to be conversant with the basic tools that secure your business.

  3. One Stop Solution for all your business queries- It is not often seen to be a prudent decision for start-ups and SMEs to hire a CFO or full time accountant to do hand-holding for all regulatory issues. It also gets difficult to find a single window for all the business needs of the organization in the outsourcing model. The TLT initiative would aim to consume this vacuum of a One Stop Solution for all business needs.

  4. Simple, Easy to Understand, Start-Up Friendly- TLTs would not stress on technical jargons. These would be specifically designed for start-ups. Hence, these would be simple and easy to understand.
How has Taxmantra impacted Start-Ups?
  1. All services under one roof- Starting from registering your entity to Return Filing. No requirement of multiple consultants.

  2. No requirement to visit our office- Not once it is required to visit our office.

  3. A single Point of Contact for your Assignment- No To and Fro exchange of Data

  4. Fully Customized Packages- No standard fees! Pay as per Package!

  5. 30+ years of experience within the group– An Excellent mix of Youth and experience

  6.  Presence in more than 100 cities of India and abroad-All local litigations and appeals in place.

  7. Secured Remote Access and Online Management of Assignment- Secured Data with signed NDAs

  8. Serving 125,000+individuals, 8000+ businesses

  9. Incorporating 5000+ businesses

  10. Authorized E-Return Intermediary by Income Tax Department.

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In own words of Start-Ups – The Taxmantra Impact:

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