• 30+ years of experience within the group
  • Growth focused accounting – 100% client centric
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Team of 150+ professionals
  • 800+ businesses assisted monthly
  • Global code of conduct and international standards of accounting


  • Recurring Book-keeping

    Periodical MIS Reporting

  • Expertise in Global Accounting Software inc Tally, Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho

    Budgeting and Analytical Reporting

  • Working Capital Management

    Finalization of Books of Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Which type of businesses can avail these services?

    Any business registered in any other country outside India can avail these services. These packages would be specifically designed as per requirements of your business.

  • 2) Are these services available to Indian businesses as well?

    No. These packages are professionally curated for businesses outside of India. For businesses operating from India, we have our customized solutions. Please visit our Tax & Regulatory Services section for more details.

  • 3) What are the benefits of outsourcing financial services to Taxmantra in India?

    We at Taxmantra offer wide range of services to corporations/LLC registered outside India. We do provide services starting from the hand holding stage which include increased availability of qualified personnel, a Single Point of Contact for your assignment, secure online access, faster turnaround time and higher customer satisfaction

    Apart from this, “COST FACTOR” is the most important benefit and believe us, by outsourcing the financial services to Taxmantra you can save up to 50% what it costs to you now. Simultaneously, you can also reduce your need of in house accounts team.

    Few highlighted points of the advantages of outsourcing your financial services to us:

    • Reducing your company’s operational cost by managing all your financial and accounting needs.
    • Streamlining your finance and accounting processes.
    • Accounting of data analysis in order to augment your business efficiency.
    • Offering accounting expertise
    • Ensuring fasten financial and accounts process.
    • Completion of assignment within specific timelines.
  • 4) Well, but one question, the accountants/professionals are located in India, how do they keep themselves updated on Tax laws outside India?

    We have a specific team of Chartered Accountants, other professionals who are specially trained to work as per tax laws of the host country. These team is specially designed and dedicated for offshore assignments. Each team member that we deploy for your needs is a qualified and a professional accountant committed to deliver excellent services in a well-timed manner.

    They keep themselves updated through ongoing classes conducted live by tax professionals well versed in tax laws of host country. Also, through the internet, the said professionals are in touch with the changes taking place in the laws.

  • 5) How would I communicate with my point of contact in Taxmantra and how the transfer of data would flow?

    We can use an internet based management tool to store the data and at the same time can use that tool for entering notes and comments from both sides.

    Email Based System:
    Basecamp: Specific projects can be created in this software for streamlining and making it a hassle-free experience,
    In this, you would be able to track the status of your assignment yourself and also update the same with your inputs, if any. It a highly interactive base which would help us keep the assignment update and followed up.

    Freshdesk: In this, a specific ticket would be assigned to you and all the communication would be stored there.

    Remote Access Based Solution
    If you don’t want the hassles of uploading and downloading the files again and again, then you need our remote access based solution. Here you don’t need to upload any files. Using this software we can logon to your system and transfer the files directly.

  • 6) Do we have to enter into a formal contract before we start work?

    Yes, we have a contract format commonly known as Annual Engagement Letter which we shall send you once you decide to hire our services. It would enlist the scope of services being provided to you by us, this would be customized on the basis of the job you would provide to us.

  • 7) How you ensure and safeguard client confidentiality?

    We commence our work after signing a non-disclosure agreement with the client in order to ensure complete confidentiality. We understand your concern about the risks of outsourcing bookkeeping & accounting services to India and thus maintain high standards of confidentiality and security with the help of appropriate procedures in place to prevent any unauthorized release of confidential client information.

  • 8) Great indeed. So, can you provide me the list of services you provide?

    Below mentioned is the inclusive list of services being provided by us for offshore assignments:

    • Day to Day Book Keeping/Maintenance of Accounts Daily Data Entry
    • General Ledger Maintenance
    • Cash Management
    • Tax Preparation Services
    • Payroll Processing Services
    • Data Analysis & Interpretation
    • Filing of Annual Reports(Statement of Incorporation)
    • Guidance on Double Tax Avoidance.
    • Guidance on withholding taxes.
  • 9) I want to outsource the Payroll Processing Services. How taxmantra can help me in this?

    Our scope of work in Payroll Processing Services would be as follows:

    • Prepare and file new hire reporting to state
    • Designing form of Compensation
    • Prepare and file, Federal, State, and local payroll taxes
    • Prepare employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments.
    • Complete payroll.
    • Prepare department summaries of month-to-date payroll data in addition to customized reports specific to Client
    • Completes Year end W-2 forms
    • Respond to employee payroll inquiries
    • Guidance and suggestions on withholding taxes.
  • 10) What do you do in Day to Day Book Keeping/Maintenance of Accounts Process?

    We will be updating the books of accounts in Quick books or other specific softwares and will facilitate you in the following:

    • Punching of all financial data in Quick Books.
    • Profit and loss statements – Reporting
    • Balance Sheet – Reporting
    • Trial Balance – Reporting
    • Day Book – Reporting
    • Ledgers – Reporting
    • Preparation of financial MIS
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Preparation of Cash Flows
    • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • 11) I have a LLC registered in US but do not have any proper accounts maintained till now, how can you help me on this?

    We have to perform a due diligence of the data/details available with you like excel sheets, invoices, bank statements etc. We would do a data analysis and interpretation for the same. Once done, we would instigate the assignment of migrating the entire data in definite software.

    Apart from these, we would also enlist the non compliance which had occurred. We would take required steps to in discussion with you.

  • 12) How Taxmantra can help Small and Medium Business Enterprises or CPAs outside India?

    The objective is to help CPAs, CAs and Small and Medium Business Enterprises in host country to outsource their bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation services. We assist as a Virtual Back Offshore Outsourcing Centre in India to CPAs, CAs and Small and Medium Business Enterprises, a reliable outsourcing model for bookkeeping and accounting work, tax return preparation at an unbelievably low price. Our outsourcing financial services guarantee cost savings, quick turnaround, improved efficiency, allow CPAs, CAs to concentrate on providing value added services to their clients.

    We also offer personalized outsourced accounting and tax preparation services to Small and Medium Businesses that will improve their efficiency and reduce cost.

A technology-first approach to compliance & advisory

  • One Stop Global Compliance Expertise – access to the right skills wherever and whenever needed
  • 35+ years of core area specialization in Cross-over expertise - global tax and regulatory assistance
  • Technology Enabled – Well-established and adaptable information technology
  • Flexibility – Ability to upscale, downsize or curate as per the client’s requirement
  • Business focused solutions to drive growth

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