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PAN stands for Permanent Account Number,  a unique number provided to taxpayers  helping them  to pay taxes and file returns. The PAN card would have personal details like your name, your father’s name, your date of birth and your signature with photograph. Further, the PAN number will not change if you wish to change the address or your nationality. The rectifications or modifications you wish to make will be incorporated without changing the unique PAN number.

Get New PAN Card/ Number OR Get Errors Rectified in the PAN Card Already issued to you in most hassle free manner. We have the core expertise in handling individual taxation issues assisting thousands of individuals in India and abroad.

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FAQ on “PAN New / Correction” 

Is It Necessary To Have PAN?

It is mandatory to quote PAN on return of income, all correspondence with income tax authority. Moreover it is also compulsory to quote PAN in all documents pertaining to economic or financial transactions. If you do not have a PAN you would not be able to execute the following:

  • Opening a Bank Account in India including Demat & Trading Account
  • Getting a credit card
  • Sale or Purchase of any property or motor vehicle in India
  • For obtaining a telephone or cellular telephone connection
  • Payment of an amount of Rs.50,000 or more to a company for acquiring shares issued by it
  • Payment of hotels/restaurants bills exceeding Rs.25000 at any time
  • Bank deposits exceeding Rs.50000

Who must have a PAN?

All assessees or taxpayers, who are required to furnish a return of income or are intending to enter into financial transaction where quoting PAN is mandatory, must obtain a PAN. The Assessing Officer may allot PAN to any person either on his own or on a specific request from such person.

Can a person obtain or use more than one PAN?

Obtaining or possessing more than one PAN is against the law and can invite penalty. Thus, the assessee having more than one PAN should immediately look to surrender one PAN with the IT Department. 

Where to apply for PAN?

The Income Tax department has authorized UTI Investor Services Ltd (UTIISL) to manage IT PAN Service Centres in all cities or towns where there is an Income Tax office and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) to dispense PAN services from TIN Facilitation Centres.

What documents and information have to be submitted along with the application of pan card ?

PAN application can be made via Form 49A(for Indian Citizen) & Form 49AA(for Foreign Citizen). Individual applicants are required to affix one recent, coloured photograph (Stamp Size) , a document providing’ Identity’ and ‘Address’ proof and designation and code of the concerned Assessing Officer of Income Tax Department is to be mentioned.

Is it possible to make an application for PAN online?

The most convenient way of applying for a PAN card is to apply via online medium. The traditional offline method involves delay. The online applications are also given priority by the Income Tax department. You can pay for the charges through a credit card. You will also get your PAN card in quicker time as opposed to the method of submitting the form through a PAN service center / TIN facility center. Moreover any changes or modifications or requests for a substitute PAN Card can be done through internet.

What is more preferable: to apply for PAN online or Manually?

PAN applications made via online medium gets priority over traditional off-line mode. Where the application is made on the internet and paid for by credit cards, PAN is issued sooner than physical applications. So, apply for a PAN online if you want it faster.

Whether an Indian Citizen residing outside India or a NRI having no permanent establishment in India, can obtain PAN?

Yes, such person can also obtain PAN. PAN is unaffected by change of address or nationality. Suitable guidelines have been issued for allotment of PAN to such person.

What is proof of ‘Address’ for Individual applicants, including minors and HUF applicants?

Copy of electricity bill or telephone bill or depository account or credit card or bank account or ration card or employer certificate or passport or voter identity card or property tax assessment order or driving license or rent receipt or certificate of address signed by a MP/ MLA/Municipal Councilor / a Gazetted Officer.
In case the PAN applicant is a minor, any of above documents of any of the parents or guardian of such minor shall serve as proof of Address
In case PAN application is made on behalf of a HUF, any of above documents in respect of Karta of the HUF will serve as proof of Address.

What documents will serve as proof of Identity and Address for other applicants?

Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by the Registrar of Companies or Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by the Registrar of Firms or Copy of Partnership Deed or Copy of Trust deed or Copy of Certificate of Registration Number issued by Charity Commissioner or Copy of Agreement or Copy of Certificate of Registration Number issued by Charity Commissioner or Registrar of Co-operative Society or any other Competent Authority or any other document originating from any Central or State Government Department establishing Identity and Address of such person.

Do you need to apply for a PAN when you move or transfer from one city to another?

Permanent Account Number (PAN), as the name suggests, is a permanent number and does not change during lifetime of PAN holder. Changing the address or city, though, may change the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore, be intimated to nearest IT PAN Service Center or TIN Facilitation Center for required correction in PAN databases of the Income Tax department. These requests will have to be made in a form for ‘Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes In PAN Data’

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