Export Import License in Dubai – A Founder’s Guide

Dubai, recognized globally as a trade powerhouse, owes its prominence to a strategic location, thriving ports, and advantageous governmental policies fostering import-export enterprises. For business pioneers entering this dynamic market, securing an import and export license is a pivotal step.

This article aims to demystify the process, outlining the steps, requirements, and costs involved in securing these licenses.



Understanding the Basics:


Before delving into the intricacies of license registration, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of import, export, and licenses.


Import and Import License:


Importing involves the influx of products into the home country while adhering to legal obligations. In Dubai, a non-negotiable import license, issued by The Dubai Customs Authority, is indispensable for businesses procuring goods from foreign territories. This license eases the customs clearance process during shipments.


Export and Export License:


Conversely, export involves transferring products from the home country to other nations for trade. Businesses planning to export goods from Dubai require an export license, managed by relevant authorities and agencies.


Steps to Obtain Import and Export Licenses in Dubai:


Acquiring the rights for import and export activities in Dubai involves specific steps. Let’s explore how businesses can obtain these licenses.


Import License Essentials: To apply for an import license, entrepreneurs need to consider the following key points:

  1. Furnish a Bill of Lading and settle all fees according to the prescribed export-import license fee structure.

  2. Receive a delivery order from the shipping agent in advance of cargo arrival, ensuring timely cargo clearance.

  3. Complete the Import Declaration form online, making requisite payments, culminating in the acquisition of a Customs Import Declaration Certificate.

  4. Adhere to Dubai Customs’ documentation and container inspection requirements before taking possession of the imported products.

Required Documents for Import License: Several documents are necessary for obtaining an import license:

  1. A comprehensive invoice detailing product quantity and value.

  2. A Certificate of Origin, duly approved by the Chamber of Commerce.

  3. A comprehensive document outlining weight, packaging details, and HS code for each product.

  4. Permission documents for restricted goods, if applicable.

Export License Essentials: Obtaining an export license is vital for businesses engaged in the export of locally manufactured products. Here’s what entrepreneurs need to keep in mind:

  1. Submit required documents to the Customs Office.

  2. Make the declaration registration payment for export at the Customs Office.

  3. Obtain a Customs Declaration Certificate.

Required Documents for Export License: Key documents needed for an export license include:

  1. An approved Export Declaration Certificate from the licensing department.

  2. Regulatory agency grants for prohibited goods, if applicable.

  3. A detailed sales invoice specifying goods, quantity, and value, addressed to the foreign business.

While the process may seem intricate, especially for newcomers, obtaining an import and export license is paramount for business success in Dubai. Seeking assistance from experienced business consultants can streamline the process. They offer comprehensive services, guiding entrepreneurs through the entire process and addressing queries related to import and export licenses.


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