5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Will Smith

Some one once said, you never know the person who ever came second. How true is that!! We face this reality in every sphere of life. What differentiates an entrepreneur from the common throng is possibly the fact that he tends to pick up everything that others trash. Every thing seems to impart an insight, from cricket field to movies, Narendra Modi to Will Smith, from music to advertisements.   Who does not know Will Smith? Breaking the barriers of conventional stereotypical genres of movies, Will Smith is known to set his way apart. He did not change the universe of Hollywood movies. He pretty much brought about a landslide. But was it that easy?? The answer is very obviously a big NO. While figuring this out, I found out  5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Will Smith.  images

Believe in Yourself:

How can you expect others to believe in you if you yourself don’t? Simple concept…isn’t it? However, the execution of this simple concept is not always simple. Some ideas work, some don’t. Your belief in the eventual success will guide your thoughts and your actions to actually make it more likely that your goals will be accomplished.

Execute your Choice:

Choice can be anything. Should I quit my day job? Should I invest all my funds? Should I look for external funding? At different stages of your idea/ venture, there will be various choices that will spring up your way. Some will be major while some will be trivial. Some will leave you at a fix, others will distract you. What matters is once you make a choice, you have to execute it. Will Smith’s success was not an overnight fluke. He simply chose to be the numero uno star, which he made sure he executed. Result is in front of us.

Change the way you think:

Changing the way you think has the potential of changing the world. Replace pessimism with your optimism and feel the difference. There is opportunity along with every set back. A successful entrepreneur just chooses what to see and how to see it. “When we change the way that we think about reality, it causes us to act in a way that changes reality”, says Will.

 Hard Work and Smart Work:

These two are simply the keys to success. If you do not give your blood and sweat to the work, it will never fetch what you desire. At the same time, you must know exactly when to exert and how much. This is smart work. Nothing but simply doing the right things at the right time.

Do not be intimidated:

Building a business from the scratch sometimes seems to be undoable. Don’t be intimidated. That is what entrepreneurship is all about. Taking risks and making them pay off. Not all your ideas will work all the time. What matters is you should not be deterred in investing yourself to the fullest. After you read this article, you will feel that this is simple. It is indeed. All you got to do is buckle up, dream and make the dream come true. Most startups fail not because they do not have a good idea, they fail because they do not adopt the right way to execute the idea. As Will says, change the way you think, and you can change the world.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________