Alteration of Memorandum of Association

As per Section 16 of the Companies Act 1956 Alteration of Memorandum of Association should be as below:

(1) The Alteration of Memorandum of association will not be applicable for changing of conditions contained by the company except in the cases, in the mode, and to the extent, for which express provision is made in this Act.

(2)  Provisions which are required only by section 13 or by any other specific provision contained in this Act, to be stated in the memorandum of the company concerned shall be deemed to be conditions contained in its memorandum.

(3) Other provisions that are contained in the memorandum, including those relating to the appointment of a managing director or manager, may be altered in the same manner as the articles of the company, but on the occasion of any express provision in this Act permitting alteration of such provisions in any other manner, alteration of Memorandum of Association can also be done in such other manner.

(4) All references to the articles of a company in this Act shall be construed as, including references to the other provisions aforesaid contained in its memorandum.