We are the bridge between global and Singaporean entrepreneurs, investors and innovators that are changing the world, building a compliant business ecosystem globally.


  • Offices in both India and Singapore
  • In-house Professionals with 30+ Years Experience
  • Comprehensive International Tax and Legal Solutions
  • Strong Tie-up with Government Agencies


  • Setting Up

  • Accounting & International Taxes

  • Nominee Directorship

  • Payroll and Secretarial Services

  • Registered Office

  • Global Fundraising & Legal

  • Drafting Work Permit & Visas

CA Alok Patnia

CEO & Managing Partner atTaxmantra Global Network Firms

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Alok is the CEO and Managing Partner at Taxmantra Global Network Firms. He is a Fellow Member of the ICAI (FCA), an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, with post qualification exposure in KPMG and Ernst & Young. He has authored more than 2K blogs on and also writes as guest author on platforms such as,

Kenneth Ho

VP Operations – TaxMantra
Global Network (Singapore)

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Kenneth Ho currently serves as VP Operations (Singapore) as Taxmantra Global Network firms, is a professional trained Accountant with more than 10 yeaars of experience gained from his employment with 2 mid-tier international accounting firms and 2 global outsourcing firms. Not limiting his exposure to accounting compliance, his experience includes corporate secretarial compliance, personal &and corporate tax compliance, Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance and payroll compliance services too

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Why should I register in Singapore?

    • Stable government and effective regulatory system.
    • Extensive free trade agreements
    • Highly regarded by international forums & reports
    • Gateway to the rest of Asia.
    • Strong intellectual property protection
    • Access to highly skilled local pool of talents
  • 2) Is audit mandatory for my company in Singapore?

    Audit is mandatory if you meet 2 out of the 3 criterias:

    • Annual Revenue exceeds S$10 million per FY;
    • Total Assets is more than S$10 million
    • More than 50 employees

    If the company has a corporate shareholder, the above criterias will be
    determined on a group basis instead.

  • 3) Is GST registration required?

    Yes, GST registration is mandatory if the company exceeds S$1 million
    and more in terms of sales revenue in any FY. However, company can
    also voluntarily register for GST but must stay as GST registered for
    minimum 2 years.

  • 4) What is the tax rate in Singapore?

    The corporate tax rate is flat 17%. However, prior to being taxed at 17%
    flat, there will be certain tax exemption schemes to be deducted to assist
    to lower the tax payable liabilities.

  • 5) I wish to be the Sole Founder of the Company in Singapore. Can I do that?

    You can start your company in Singapore with just one shareholder.

  • 6) Is there a requirement of Resident Director?

    Yes, as per the Singapore laws, at least one Resident Director shall be
    appointed in the Company registered in Singapore. You may reach us if
    you have a requirement of Directorship Services at reasonable price.

  • 7) What is the Dividend Tax Rate?

    There is no Dividend Tax in Singapore as dividends are declared and
    paid net after tax from the corporate profits.

  • 8) Is there a requirement of Registered Office in Singapore?

    Yes, a company must have a registered office in Singapore. You may
    reach us for getting a Registered Office at reasonable price.

  • 9) Is there a requirement of appointing Company Secretary?

    Yes, a Company in Singapore must have a Company Secretary who takes
    the secretarial responsibility on behalf of the company. You may reach
    us for getting a Company Secretary at reasonable price.

  • 10) Can you help me with preparation of Annual Financial Statements and Book Keeping Services?

    Yes, we shall be happy to assist on this as well.

  • 11) Is there capital gain tax in SG?

    There is NO capital gain tax in Singapore currently till date.