File Income Tax Return Online to get Faster Refund

File Income Tax Return Online to get Faster RefundEvery assessee whether Salaried Individual or other non-audit tax-payers should  prefer filing their income tax return online in order  to avail full benefits associated with it and to remain hassle free.

With online income tax filing, not only processing speed becomes quick but also one can check the status of tax return or tax refund and get the acknowledgement receipt immediately. Moreover, filing return online also helps one to get their refunds faster.

Actually, employers withhold a certain percentage of your salary for the payment of income tax, which are sometimes greater than the taxes that you are actually obligated to pay. Then, the only way to claim refunds is to file return of income tax in time.  However, delay in receipt of income tax refunds is the most common grievance of taxpayers.

But, filing Income tax returns online plays one of the helping hands for the assesses to get their refunds faster and quicker as one of the major challenges for any tax payer is to get a refund, because it is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Following are the reasons for delayed refunds-

Reason for Refund Delays

1) Un-intentional errors while filing tax return.

2) Feeding wrong Bank Account numbers, missing documents can slow our refund down considerably.

Following are the preventions and remedies to get tax refunds


1) Before filling the return, make sure that it is properly signed and is punched properly.

2) Any defect while filing from Department’s side has to be solved by a rectification letter. If the issue is cleared, you will get your pending refund.

3) If there are no defects, you need to pursue with your Assessing Officer (AO), along with copies of returns.

4) If you change your residence, inform the Department about the change of address.

5) Inform the Department about your Bank Account with proper details.

Therefore, timely and efficient tax planning will broadly help the assessee in lowering the total taxes as one can avail advantages of in-built provisions of tax exemptions, deductions, concessions, rebates, relief’s, allowances and other benefits granted by the tax laws.

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