Is import export code for export of services also required ?

Service providers, who are also rendering services outside India always had this doubt, whether they also need to get themselves registered and get Import Export Code.  This article would address whether import export code for export of downloadservices is also required.

IEC stands for Import Export Code. It is a 10 digit number which is allotted by the director general of foreign trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce.

Any person desirous of making an export from or import into India must obtain IEC number. So, IEC basically is the first requirement that should be taken care of when you start importing/ exporting.

However, if you are planning to export/ import services or technology then there are some relaxations and IEC is required only when export or import is in “specified” services or “specified” technology. These “specified” categories normally consist of those areas which are of national security such as dealing in nuclear weapons or some automatic guns. Also, if you wish to avail the benefit under Foreign Trade Policy then you need an IEC number. If import or export is made for personal use or is made by government department then no IEC is required.

To Conclude – So, in a nutshell we can conclude that if you are exporting services, you do not need an IEC until and unless you avail benefit under FTP or you are dealing in ‘specified’ services’.

To Conclude – So, now you would appreciate that we need to understand the place of provision of service rules to decide whether there is an export of service or not. However both are not the same thing.

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