IT department warns people over refund phishing scam



IT department warns people over refund phishing scam


The Income Tax department of India has warned people about a new phishing scam being shared via SMS, which promises a refund for tax returns. The income tax department has also sent out emails to all registered users, warning them to beware of such false messages.

The message, which some users have also shared on Twitter, is sent via SMS and claims to offer IT refund to the user for Rs 34,251, which is a fairly high amount. The message also includes a link, which opens up to a special page, where the user is asked to enter their credit/debit card details in order to complete tax refund details.

In a Twitter post, the IT department’s official handle wrote, “Beware of fake refund messages claiming to be from the Income Tax Deptt. Please do not click on any link asking for bank details, Debit card/ CVV numbers. Don’t fall prey to phishing!”

Users should note that in case any refund is due to them, the IT department will not send a link for the same. Also entering debit card or credit card information on sites, sent via SMS link should be avoided because this could be a phishing scam to steal card information.

In case of the income tax fraud message, it appears that the problem has become really serious.  Twitter user Karthik Srinivasan, who has the handle @beastoftraal on Twitter had shared a sample of what one of the messages looks like.

The message claim to be for a refund amount of Rs 34,251, and says that the Income Tax department requires one to click the link below in order to submit a formal request for remittance of this refund amount, which is unclaimed. It also includes a bitly link.





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