Nearly 6,600 new companies registered in October

Source : PTI

Reflecting increased business activities, Nearly 6,600 new companies registered in October, or an average of 219 per day.   Out of them, around 70 per cent entities were from the services sector followed by industry and agriculture segments, respectively.

About 6,586 companies got registered in different parts of the country with an authorized capital of Rs 2,833.87 crore in October this year, according to latest data available with the Corporate Affairs Ministry.

As many as eight of them were government entities. As per the data, 20 foreign companies were registered in October, with six each in Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Among the new entites, nearly 34 per cent are into business services while about 15 per cent were manufacturing firms.
In terms of states and union territories, the maximum number of new companies at 1,304 were from Maharashtra followed by Delhi (1,149) and Uttar Pradesh (536), respectively.

Meanwhile, at the end of October, India had more than 13.5 lakh registered companies whereas only about 9.12 lakh entities were active.  Going by the data, over 2.65 lakh companies were shut down while more than 1.43 firms were lying dormant — those that have not filed their annual returns/balance sheets for more than three straight years.

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