Go Online to file return of FY 2011-12 ( AY 2012-13 )

Online Filing of ITRTax Filing is approaching sooner & faster in the same manner as gravity rapidly attracts everything towards its centre. Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) from now- a-days, is not at all laborious task as one without any hassle or tension can file their returns online. Therefore, filing returns online should be preferred over manual return filing as it serves various purposes of an assessee beneficially. Online return filing provides complete flexibility of e-filing Income tax returns at anywhere & at anytime depending upon the suitability of an assessee. Therefore one can serve its purpose & also save its precious time & flow of money without maintaining long queue at banks. Let’s come to know few benefits one can have from online filing of ITR:

  • Online tax returns are processed much faster & quicker than its habitual way as one can get its acknowledgment immediately.
  • Also, filing return electronically is a safe & secure mode as personal information is not disclosed therefore, privacy is protected.
  • E-filing also ensures instant computation of taxes as well as refunds get easily processed, if any within 1-2 months in case online return is filed.
  • One can revise its return only with the original return is filed online.
  • One must also know that, online filing allows Online Rectification too. In other words, one can rectify its errors online which in case of manual filing is too costly & time-consuming.
  • Online return filing is jurisdiction free too. That is, one can move at every corner of city or country with same PAN address as its jurisdiction.
  • One can easily check the ITR V receipt status, ITR Processing Status & Refund failure reason of the ITR filed online.

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