Pay taxes in advance and wait endlessly for Refunds – Individual taxation

Every assessee is liable to get refund of extra taxes paid on their income as per the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. Further, to claim refund one has to file return of income whether the income is above exemption limit or not and that’s not the end, to get refund follow ups with the department of Income Tax is requires, which is the most pain full job.

Salaried individuals, especially without finance and taxation background fails to do a proper tax planning resulting in high monthly TDS payout and they realise the same at the timing of filling of returns but ultimately they only left with the cash crunch position. This excess payment leads to huge amount of interest losses and loss of investment opportunity to the assessee, and it is the hard earned money of the assessee which is blocked by the department.

Further, the tax payers have to chase again and again with the department for the refunds which requires a lot of time, labour and out of pocket expenses.

In practise Income Tax departments takes 18 to 24 months to issue refunds to the taxpayers, after through follow up, which gives undue hardship on the these tax payers. At times, the getting of refunds becomes so difficult that tax payers accept that once the excess tax is paid, that is sunk cost. This dismal situation of refunds disinterests tax payers in payment of advance taxes, which then results into payment of interest component.

Mr. Rahul Lath Age 32 years, a Software Engineer in a MNC, gets annoyed every months on deduction of taxes on his salary. He is following up with the IT department trying to get his refund for the last four Financial years (FY 04-05, 05-06,06-07 &07-08) but not able to realise a single penny from the department. Every time he approaches the department he got some or other unsatisfactory answer. We are sure there are thousands of Rahul, waiting for their refunds.

We appreciate that to address this issues, the IT department has gone proactive and has taken steps like transferring the amounts through NEFT in there bank accounts, setting up of centralised TDS section and setting up of grievances cells but still a lot has to done.

We at who are committed to relieve you from all tax worries have specialised knowledge in handling individual taxation issues. Do let us know, if you also have any refund pending from IT department and which seems to be almost unrealisable on your part.
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