Shops cheating in the name of GST – Decode the Bill

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To collect GST from the consumers over the bill, one has to have registered under the GST with GSTIN number and the taxpayers having the annual turnover over Rs.20 Lakhs or those firms which have inter-state businesses are required to be mandatorily registered under GST regime. The shops and minor taxpayers not falling under the above two criteria’s are not required to get registered nor they can charge GST from the final consumers.

Many consumers in Hyderabad, are being paying the GST on the services received by them without cross – verifying the presence of GSTIN numder in the bill of payment. Many such bills are uploaded by the consumers over the social media portal depicting the cheating of the traders who charged GST without the GSTIN no in the bill. This seems to be a novel way to extort money from hapless consumers.

“Minor hotels are yet to come under GST. But in future, they also may be included. Right now, our focus is on major companies and dealers,” said Mr Somesh Kumar C., secretary, state commercial tax department.

Consumers must look for the GSTIN number in the bill to save themselves from getting cheated anymore.

The officials added that of the 2.16 lakh VAT dealers in Telangana, around 1.96 lakh have registered for GST, leaving 20,000 dealers out of the purview of the new tax.

Sources –Deccan Chronicle

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