is now E-Return Intermediary for Online Return Filing/ Tax Filing – Authorised by IT department

We at always strive to provide cutting edge service in the field of taxation and finance to our users. We innovative, put on our mind on ways to improve overall experience on Thus, in pursuance of this objective, we had applied with the Income Tax Department, to authorise us as “E-Return Intermediary” for e-filing of tax returns/ online tax returns/ online return filing. In this regard, we are delighted to inform our users that, the Income Tax Department, considering our credentials, has authorised us “E-Returns Intermediary” for filing of online tax returns/ e-filing of tax returns/online return filing. Key benefits of filing of tax returns through E-Return Intermediary • Faster Processing of Returns as the returns filed through E-Return Intermediary gets priority; • Prompt processing of Refunds, in case if you are eligible for refunds, refunds for returns filed through E-Return Intermediary gets processed in quick time; • Returns filed through E-Return Intermediary are fully secured, as for uploading the returns on the sever of the IT Department; password of the tax payers is not used. Infact, IT Department has provided fully secured login credential to us, for uploading the tax returns; • Tax Returns filed through E-Return Intermediary is fully error free, as the xml file, which is uploaded gets validated on the secured sever and any error, will show instantly, prompting to rectify and file; Further, you would appreciate the fact that is an initiative to help tax payers to get assistance in all their tax related issues. Tax Returns for Financial Year 2010 -11 (Year ended March 2011) has started. Visit to file your return of income in most hassle free manner OR You can also directly mail us the following details at ; 1) Form16/ Salary Certificate and details of other income, if any; 2) Tax investment made, not incorporated in Form 16; 3) Scanned copy of PAN Card OR ( Details mentioned on card , Full Name, Father’s name and Date of Birth); 4) Full address; 5) Working Mobile Number; and 6) Bank Account details (Account number, name of bank, and also MICR code for refund case). Once you provide us the above details, we would contact you to file your tax returns. We wish to offer a considered price of Rs. 218 for preparation and filing of your tax returns. We would be happy to offer our services to you. provides complete online taxation solutions for individuals (Tax Returns + Tax Support + Tax Planning) – please see this – Service Offered. Once you file your tax returns with us, you will concur to the fact that provides the most easiest and efficient way of filing tax returns in India.

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