The call of entrepreneurship….are you "THE ONE"?

The call of entrepreneurship….are you “THE ONE”?

Once upon a time there used to be a person who inherit his family set up and started his venture. He was started known as a businessman. Over a period of many years the family set ups became the breeding grounds for the renowned business houses of the country.

But in the recent past history has taken a different course and a new entrepreneurial ecosystem has started emerging out in India with the introduction of venture capital funds, incubators and the influx of entrepreneurs. A person who had a great idea had got wings to fulfil his/her dreams with these investments that came as a blessing for those who had no capital but only an idea. Hence the birth of an entrepreneur took place.  which-one-are-you-wantrepreneur-or-entrepreneu-preciouskiloki.com_


According to Bharti Jacob ,Co Founder Seed Fund , A businessman is a person who will follow the same mundane process of earning revenue and profit whereas an entrepreneur is one who will try to bring out the solutions to the problems that are prevalent in the existing marketplace. An entrepreneur is the one who will help in solving out the problems by introducing new services and products in the existing market scenario .

Thus entrepreneurs are great innovators who does not follow the conventional path of existing products to start out their ventures like businessman.

Risk Takers

What makes the entrepreneurs set apart is the fact that they are risk takers. They are bold enough to take risks with their ventures and stand out in the industry with this attitude of taking risks. For an entrepreneur risk is nothing but just pillars to success. He is daring and enthusiastic to bring laurels to his/her venture.

Whereas a businessman is someone who will play safe and does not want to pay out the surplus amount he/she is earning . The path chosen by a business man is full of tried and tested method and no risks are involved in his venture.

Job Creators

Unlike the businessman who hire people in order to increase their work productivity ,the entrepreneurs are the ones who are known as job creators. They create the jobs in lakhs to help people gain employment. Infosys is one such example wherein it created pool of jobs for the people and today it stands out in terms of work and productivity.

Customer –Oriented Outlook

You will always find an entrepreneur setting up his/her venture around the customer centric approach. For them it is necessary the customers are their assets and all the strategies are employed across the customer.

For a businessman the main concern is to employ the strategies that will increase the profit of his/her products. It is important to have gains than to have customer centric view for them.

For example the Founder of Easy Fix who was fining problems during the time when her washroom tap leaks and she had no one around to arrange a plumber for her.

She got an idea of having a professional services for the same and started out the venture which came out to be successful. Today her venture has become first call repair venture in the country.

Passionate Workers

It is a passion that had made the entrepreneurs to brought out the most impossible ideas into the market . They are more centric to the ideas that they have generated and stick to it even if they fail twice and thrice in this course of bringing up the ideas .

According to Gene Simmons an entrepreneur should have a heart of a lion and the passion to grit the teeth which will make him a successful achiever.

Technicality Matters

One thing which is of prime concern with entrepreneurs is that they are concern about the technical issues that plays an important role in setting up their ventures. There is always the technical matters that kept hovering the mind of an entrepreneur. For an entrepreneur the important thing is to grow and develop their business .

Therefore an entrepreneurs and businessman have a altogether different kind of relationship that is shared among each other. Where a businessman is always concerned about the safeguarding of his venture with the help of revenue which is generated , an entrepreneur on the other hand is busy taking up the challenges to climb up the mountain through the help of his strategy, idea, passion and innovation that he had planned for his venture.