Why is it the right time to Startup


When should I startup? What should I startup?  Where should I startup?    Startup-dreams

These are the common questions which hovers a person’s mind who is looking to venture out something on his own. Well, in that case, let me say, this is the right time to startup. Yes, because the present scenario of our nation is at a stage like never before, where a large chunk of population belongs to a group with age below 35 years, thus bringing firing brains to the ecosystem.


Highlighting some points below which shall further clarify the reasons to startup now:


1) Winds of change in the Union Budget 2017


The Union Budget, 2017, brought in some landmark changes staring from merger of Railway Budget with General Budget, to reduction in personal tax rate, to reduction in Corporate Tax rate for small businesses. With the advent of new financial re-engineering, we can expect that the startup ecosystem will definitely get a boost in the coming days. And as they say, those who start early are more at a chance to win the race.


2) Growing Unemployment


Every other day, the newspaper reads that a Company has laid-off certain number of employees, it doesn’t matter if they are experienced or not. This situation has further raised the concern amongst the freshers if their future is secure at all. In such case, the only option that is left out with the new graduates is to startup on their own and if that hits the right tune then there is nothing better than that.


3) Development of IoT (Internet of Things)


The next big industrial revolution is going to be the Internet of Things famously known as IoT. The word itself signifies the meaning how big the thing is going to be. A simple job which took 20 persons to do it is now taking 10 people and in the coming days we would see that there is no such need of human interference. A simple example is by using Google Maps and Navigation, we can move from one place to another and without any help, and on the top of this, Google even gives you an estimated travel time with traffic alert. So, basically the machines have become very much intelligent and it can sense everything. This can be considered as the golden time to startup on your own and focus on the sectors which are been foreseen as the goldmine of tomorrow.


Considering the present vibrant scenario, this is the best time to startup and build your business. 


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