Case Study – Leave Policy for Employees in Singapore

Case Study 1.) Mr. X is an employee of the company ABC Pte Ltd. He has been working with the company for last 5 and a  half months. How many annual leave is he entitled to ?

Case Study 2.) Mr. X is diagnosed with a disease for which he is prescribed by a medical practitioner to be hospitalized immediately. Mr. X wants to know how many leaves shall be available to him as per the Employment Act of Singapore.       


Solution to Case Study 1:

Any employee is entitled to annual leave if he has worked for his employer for a minimum period of 3 months. Annual Leave entitlement is subject to the period of employment with the same employer.

    Year of service

Days of leave















8th  and thereafter


These annual paid leaves are exclusive of rest days, holidays and sick leave. In case, the employee has worked for more than 3 months but less than 12 months then he shall be allotted annual leave proportionately.

In order to make calculations, for proportionate annual leave, as mentioned above, any fraction of day, that is less than half a day shall be ignored and vice versa if a fraction of day is more than half.

In the given case Mr. X has been working for 5 complete months hence, he is entitled to annual leave proportionately i.e 5/12*7= 3 days.

Solution to Case Study 2 

An employee (who has worked for at least 6 months) shall be allowed, on examination by medical practitioner, such number of days as may be prescribed by such practitioner not exceeding 14 days every year in case of no hospitalization.

For hospitalization, 60 days every year or 14 days plus the number of days of hospitalization whichever is less.

If employee has served for minimum 3 months – less than 6 months, he shall be entitled to following:


No. Of days for no hospitalization

For hospitalization

Minimum 3 months – less than 4 months


15 days in each year, or  5+no. Of days of hospitalisation; whichever is lower

Minimum 4 months – less than 5 months


30 days each year or 8+ no. Of days of hospitalization; whichever is lower

Minimum 5 months – less than 6 months


45 days each year or 11+ no. Of days of hospitalization; whichever is lower

Hence, Mr. X shall be allowed sick leave for 45 days a year or 11 plus any further addition to the number of days whichever is lower.

However, such provisions in the Employment Act is amended from time to time by the ministry and hence it is advisable to have a professional advice before any policy formulations by the company.

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