DIN Verification Form – New Rule Inserted

DIN Verification form is one of the attachments for applying DIN in Form DIN1, along side the Identity Proof and Address proof. DIN verification form which was previously rendered by the applicant in normal plain paper will now have to be executed on non judicial stamp paper of Rs.10 and duly notarized. It is a mandatory attachment. DIN is required by all the directors and any other person intending to become director of any company. The application for which is to be made in DIN 1 form. The MCA has now become more stringent in its compliance procedure for obtaining DIN. Earlier, DIN verification form had to be printed on a plain paper, duly filled up and signed by the proposed director. But of late, MCA has become extremely strict on any DIN approved in the name of any person, and have made the following newly inserted points mandatory:

  1. DIN Verification form has to be printed on a Rs 10 non judicial stamp paper.
  2. DIN Verification form has to duly notarized by a local advocate, duly stamped and signed.

Following all the aforesaid provisions, DIN will be allotted to the concerned person. Apart from the above newly inserted rules, every person applying for a DIN has to possess a valid PAN Card and an address proof. We at Taxmantra.com have a dedicated corporate law team comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Legal Practitioners who expertly handles DIN services, which is the first step for a private limited company registration or a LLP registration. We get the DIN Verification form notarized and stamped from our end, duly certified by a Chartered Accountant in practice, therefore keeping the entire process hassle free. You can also check the following links to get a comprehensive knowledge about DIN : FAQs on Director Identification Number FAQs on Digital Signature Certificate

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