Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date in filing of various forms

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has decided upon relaxation of additional fees applicable on forms as per the provisions of Companies Act read with rules made there-under, by extending the last date of filing, which have been ought to be filed post transition of MCA 21 w.e.f. 17.01.2013, but could not be filed due to technical issues in MCA-21 system. This extension is brought into effect by Circular No. 03/2013 dated 8th Feb, 2013. It is hereby clarified that the following relaxation of additional fees shall be considered by the Regional Director/ Registrar of Companies on case to case basis while allowing for relaxation of fees or extension of last date with regard to forms to be filed by the stakeholders wherein : (i) Last date of filing for Forms where the due date is falling on or after 17th January, 2013 is without charging additional fee. (ii) All the documents which have been expired on or after 17th January due to non-submission/re-submission PUCL may be restored back. (iii) All the cases related to filing of court orders/competent authority where the due date/date of filing was falling on or after 17th January is extended without payment of additional fees. (iv) Name availability expired due to non-submission of incorporation documents will be made available for filing of the same. (v) In case of charge documents the due date will be extended by Regional Director on case to case basis where the due date of filing was falling on or after 17/01/2013 and could not be filed. (vi) The due date in above cases is hereby extended till 28/02/2013. 3. The Regional Director/Registrar of Companies will examine the request on case to case basis upon receipt of request from the stakeholders for allowing the relaxation without levying the additional fee. 4. The process of extending date will be as under:- a. Company/ professional will make request by e-mail/post with RD/ROC along with the supporting documents if, any; b. RD/ROC will raise ticket on service desk immediately after examining the application; c. The team of operator will resolve the ticket as per the request of RD/ROC. A system generated mail will be sent to RD/ROC and user will be informed accordingly; d. User should file the documents within the time given in the email. 5. The Regional Director/ Registrar of Companies is authorized to allow such extension of time for filing form/along with necessary document. The RD/ROC will raise ticket in the service desk for allowing such extension of time for filing forms. 6. The stakeholders who are able to file the documents on or after 17/01/2013 till the date of this circular are not eligible for any fees relaxation or extension of last dates. Further they are not entitled for any refund. We at have a dedicated corporate law team comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Legal Practitioners who expertly handles Registration/Incorporation services of all the aforesaid entities, along with the annual compliances that each of the entity is supposed to adhere to, in order to remain in perfect compliance with the law. We provide all the latest updates to our esteemed clients as and when announced, and take all the necessary steps to provide the corporate law services in the most hassle free manner to our esteemed clients. Please feel free to contact us to avail our services. For more recent amendments/changes in Corporate Law, check the following links : Form 23B – Additional Fee DIN Verification Form – New Changes

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