Issue notices with total tax discrepancy, include central and state GST

imagesThe Gujarat commissionerate of goods and service tax (GST) has instructed its officers to include central GST, state GST, integrated GSTand cesses while issuing notices in cases of discrepancies. This comes after some notices were issued to taxpayers by the state GST department even in cases of minuscule tax discrepancies.

A statement from the state GST department said the commissionerate has started a drive to ensure that taxpayers deposit CGST, SGST, IGST and cesses in central and state treasuries according to the liabilities reflected in their returns. “The drive is targeted at taxpayers whose returns show large discrepancies in tax amounts.” 

An official statement said, “However, inadvertently some notices have been issued in which small discrepancies in the SGST amount were shown although the total discrepancy in the tax amount including CGST, IGST and cess was significant in such cases.”


Source: TimesofIndia


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