September 28 or October 31? When to file TRAN 01?

tweetThere seems to be complete confusion regarding the dates for filing of TRAN 1 as the decision taken by the GST Council during its 21st meeting and the notification released subsequently seem to be completely different. 

According to the Council it was decided that TRAN 1 filing date has been extended to October 31. A press note was issued which stated the last date for filing is now October 31, but the government through a notification introduced a new rule stating original TRAN 1 has to be filed by September 28 and only revision or correction can be subsequently done till October 31. 

Intention appears to ensure that the tax payers do not wait till October 31 for the first filing, but many taxpayers, who relied upon the press note issued after the Council’s meeting and did not read the fine prints during the last few days, are taken by a surprise. They now have to deal with last minute rush in the face of upcoming holidays in the many parts of India during the last week of September. 

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