Taxmantra Global is battle-ready for the COVID-19 outbreak with full client delivery capability intact



At the time of penning this, the COVID-19 crisis is increasing exponentially all over the world. Global leaders and organizations are doing their best to manage this crisis. Even so, the boundaries are getting severely stretched. However, it is not just a macro crisis that needs to be handled at a global level.


400+ businesses rely on us for their business tax and legal filings every month


Businesses today are facing the challenges for which they are barely prepared for. Crisis management at this level is extremely daunting to internalize unless you have experienced it before. Businesses who haven’t experienced this are finding it difficult to respond.

Work from home is the need of the hour, where employees are given an option to work from home with the twin objective of the safety of employees and continuity of business operations.


The main challenges that are being faced are:

  • Digitization of Data and Resources
  • Employee Co-ordination and Working from home
  • Inefficient/Non-existent mechanisms and processes to handle remote staff working and task management
  • Inept policymaking
  • No proper committed work from home policy
  • Data and documents are not digitized
  • Software and support servers are physical and LAN based
  • No proper way to co-ordinate client and employee relationships
  • Risk of Data Breach and lack of general security

Today’s CEOs are knee-deep in unenviable choices as they are fighting shocks at all levels. Absorbing losses, maintaining steady cash flow and balance the competing needs of their investors, customers, staff, and suppliers. They are just not prepared to handle this crisis.

The premise of Taxmantra Global has always been digital-first from its inception in 2010 with the motto to be a technology-friendly global tax and legal firm.  And today when we have this massive tragedy, working from home is something which is not new for us since we already have the flexibility of work from home for our employees inbuilt in our system.

I always had a dream whether we can completely work from home on a large scale and we thought maybe in three years we will able to do that. Pursuant to that belief, we have built self-reliant systems, ethical and sincere work culture, robust software and IT environment and a dedicated team to run it all.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle”.

I wanted to assure you all that our system and support software is fully operational.  Taxmantra Global as a firm is completely online with 100 Percent client delivery capability intact, wherein employee working with safety and peace of mind, Taxmantra Global today is ready to face the challenge, wherein our team has had the experience of working on cloud, where our systems, software, and communication are all online.

I also wish to share with you all one practice that we follow religiously every day. One of the things which we do as a team when we work from home is to dedicate some time to do video conferencing at the start of the day. This gives our team a sense of togetherness. This is done with each member of the team from the intern level upto the senior partner level. They need to speak for two minutes – convey their plans and discuss if there is any specific issue which they want to address.

I hope we come out of this challenge fit and fine sooner. Only when we fight this as a united front, We Win. Stay safe and take very care of yourself, your family and the society at large.

If you feel anything which we can help you with, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

I am also sharing the screenshot from one of our team video meetings. 

It is time to take your business compliance online. 



We’re listening: 

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In these troubled times -COVID-19, we, at Taxmantra Global urge you to stay safe – social distancing, personal hygiene and health care are of utmost importance! Stay safe!



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