Taxpayers can check return filing status of suppliers on GSTN portal 

downloadTaxpayers can now check the last return filing status of their suppliers on the GST Network (GSTN) portal. 

GSTN, the company developing the technology backbone for the new indirect regime, has developed the utility which will help buyers to check the tax payment status of their suppliers and make claiming input tax credit easier. 

“A new functionality has been introduced on the GST portal that shows status of last 10 returns filed by a taxpayer in the pre-login search taxpayer menu,” GSTN said in a statement. 

Once GST Identification Number (GSTIN) is inserted in the system, it would shows taxpayer details like legal name, status (active or cancelled), jurisdiction office. 

It would also show status of last 10 returns showing return type, financial year, tax period, date of filing and status whether GST filed or not filed. 

Under GST, the Input tax credit (ITC) of a taxpayer gets confirmed on purchases from another registered taxpayer when that supplier files the return. Thus getting to know the return filing status of a taxpayer will be of great help to buyers. 


Source: Economic Times


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