What is Taxmantra’s Cloud Accounting Services and how can it help growing your business?

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Taxmantra’s Cloud Accounting Services – Simple, Smart and Affordable

Every 2nd business in India get Income Tax Notice for tax demands or for non-compliance, 3 out of 7 businesses find a place on the defaulter list of Registrar of Companies due to non-compliance, 2 out of 4 businesses incur unnecessary pay-out by way of interests and penalties.

This can be attributed to a lot of factors. One of the most important ones being the lack of quality compliance management check. A large number of business owners are not aware of the basic compliance that their businesses need to comply with. Consequently, they end up spending unnecessarily on huge amounts of penalties.

Taxmantra Global Firm’s Cloud Accounting Services are carefully designed to cater to this vacuum in the industry. Every business has a unique requirement. Taxmantra Global has therefore curated customized and unique business solutions and reporting for every industry.

Why choose Taxmantra Global’s Cloud Accounting Services?

1. 30+ years of core area specialization in global tax and regulatory assistance – The edge of experienced handholding and advisory

2. A 24/ 48/ 72 hours turnaround time, as applicable to your assignment

3. Customized business solutions with affordable pricing

4. Cross-over expertise – well versed and most dynamic in global tax and legal arena

5. Saves your time – Most business people spend around 120-130 hours a  month on these their compliances and we get 80% of that off your plate. This , in turn, frees your time for your business growth opportunities.

6. Expand Cash – Our pricing is dynamic, transparent and affordable. Our clients save upto 60-65 % of their compliance cost.




  • Day to day accounting
  • Track your inflows and outflows
  • Timely and cost-effective
  • Reporting in recognized software like Tally ERP 9, Quickbooks, Xero



  • Zero percent non-compliance to businesses worldwide
  • TDS, Advance Tax, Equalization Levy
  • Annual ITR Filing and other Direct tax compliance



  • Monthly/quarterly and annual GST returns and advisory
  • GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 9, CMP 08 and other filing as applicable to businesses



  • Transfer pricing and international taxation requirements.
  • Payment structuring, master services agreement, TP audit and filings.



  • Salary Structuring
  • PT/PF/ESI advisory and compliance



  • Internal Audit, GST Audit, Forensic Audit
  • Full range of assurance functions
  • Track hidden/potential non-compliance, risk areas and deviations from standard policies



  • Team consisting of qualified CSs
  • Annual RoC Filings including AOC 4, MGT 7, ADT 1, ACTIVE and KYC.



  • Mandatory recording of minutes of the meetings
  • Maintaining of various statutory registers


How do we maintain your account – What is the process in which your work is done?


1. You get in touch with us. We send our Inquiry Form – Questionnaire. This contains some basic questions about your business that we require to connect you with the concerned specialist.

Timeline – within 18 hours of receipt of your query

2. On receipt of the filled up form, our team would set up your call with the concerned expert, who would design a curated package based on your requirement. The package would be shared with you, which shall contain the applicable scope of work and fee details.

Timeline – within 48-56 hours of receipt of the filled up form.

Understanding your requirements and devising a suitable scope of work requires some reasonable time. We have a team working around the clock and we guarantee the fastest response.

3. Discussion on pricing – We understand that pricing is probably the most sensitive issue in this kind of outsourcing. Our packages are carefully designed, keeping in mind the scale of your business, the applicable compliance and the efforts that we need to invest in order to provide quality services. We fix upon a price after due discussion with you.

4. Relationship Manager (RM) and Single Point of Contact (SPOC) – Once all details are sorted, we initiate your assignment. You are introduced to your Relationship Manager who shall be responsible for your account. He and his team would take care of the day to day compliance.

5. CRM – We have our designated CRM – Basecamp. Herein, we create, work and track your project. The RM would properly provide training for your understanding.

6. Escalation & feedback – In case you are unhappy with the management of your account or you wish to discuss some improvements or you have a separate requirement, you can reach out to our Escalation Manager. You would be introduced to your RM and Escalation Manager at the start of the assignment.




We’re listening: 

For any query, support or feedback, reach us at https://taxmantra.com/compliance-retainer-india or Call/WA us at +91-9230033070 for any support/query/feedback.



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