Issues of emSigner over GST Portal- Solution To It


As the era of GST has begun, all the taxpayers are trying to comply with the newly introduced provisions and software under GST. The most initial step under GST is the registration under GST. Though it’s a simple process, but it became a challenge for the taxpayer to comply with as they faced serious issues while registering themselves under GST. GST registrations required the registration of DSC of the authorized signatory registering over the GST portal. Thus, the DSC so registered is used for verification purposes. Therefore, the DSC registration is mandatory for registration of the assessee into GST and filing of returns of GST in the future. Taxpayers faced technical issues while registering the DSC over the portal as it has to be registered via a DSC utility i.e., EmSigner.

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EmSigner is a utility used for the DSC registration. It has different versions for different websites. Over the GST portal, version 2.6 of emSigner is available. Now, the emSigner was a big challenge for assesses as they faced the error “Digital Signature Error/ Digital Signature does not work on the GST portal/ “Fail to establish connection to the server”.


Resolution to the Error :

  • The version of Chrome and Java should be updated to the latest version.
  • Download the emSigner available over the GST site.

shot 2

  • Run the downloaded emSigner.
  • Then right-click on the icon of emSigner available over the right below the screen of your desktop as below and open it.

shot 3

  • A screen shall appear as in below picture specifying the 4 digit port number. This specifies that emSigner is running on the said port number. Further, you need to stop the emSigner service by click on “Stop Services” available
    on the below screen.

shot 4

  • Go to the folder where the emSigner is installed or its icon is available. Right-click on it and click on “Run as Administrator” and then click on “Yes”.
  • Further, open Chrome, and under a new tab type the url as “”.  The last four digits of the said url is the port number which was available in the above step. Run the said link. A screen shall appear specifying “Your connection is not private” (as below). Click on the “Advanced” tab on the left – bottom of the screen.

shot 5

  • Further, click on the option “Proceed to ……..” on the above page at the bottom.
  • Go to the GST account and log out of the account.
  • Then again stop the emSigner services by right-clicking on the icon of emSigner available over the right below the screen of your desktop post-opening it.
  • Then again Run the emSigner by clicking on “Run as Administrator” as above.
  • Login to the GST account again and go the Register DSC option over the Dashboard of the account.
  • Select the person’s name who’s DSC is to be attached to drop-down option.
  • Click on “Proceed” button after clicking on the authentication check box available therein.
  • A box shall appear specifying the name who’s DSC is attached to the system as below. Click on the said DSC and click on “Sign” button. Password seeking screen shall appear. Feed in the password and click on “login”.

shot 6

  • Message shall appear over the screen as “DSC has been successfully registered”.

shot 7






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